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05/08/2021, 04:34 AM

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21/05/2021, 06:19 AM DonutKing - First post
28/08/2020, 08:39 AM Damit - its because we are all on discord now mrx
29/07/2020, 07:42 PM MrX - Its a bit dead round here
29/07/2020, 07:42 PM MrX - Anybody playing COD 
26/03/2020, 10:52 AM Epsoma - Hey Team. Locked down in self isolation. Hope you all are good.
30/10/2019, 07:06 PM Victor9-5 - JESUS HEYA BOYS!
09/09/2019, 10:06 AM BoHiCa - History.... Deadalus
06/09/2019, 07:49 PM Deadalus - Website is dead in the arsehole
04/06/2019, 08:43 PM BoHiCa - Still here
11/05/2019, 08:45 AM MrX - I'm over here

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Who Are We?

As with most gaming clans, we are a group of persons dispersed throughout Australia, New Zealand and beyond who participate in online games as a collective group.

We also include members who participate in other clan activities such as social (public) gaming, technical experts in a variety of subjects, as well as the semi-professional building of computer systems designed for gamers.

Death Inc is a social group above and beyond all, a place for like minded gamers to meet and participate in gaming-related activities with persons from around the world.

Who Runs the Clan?

Unlike other clans, Death Inc has a "flat" hierarchy, meaning that everyone with some valuable input is listened to regardless of rank or title. The formal structure of the clan leaders is defined in terms of "Captaincy" and "Staff" roles, however the main responsibility of leadership for the clan falls to our Clan Captains, a list of whom can be found here.

The Clan Captains are responsible for the general administration of the clan and its services. A full list of the Clan’s Leaders can be found on the Death Inc Leadership page.

What makes Death Inc different?

Death Inc is unique for a number of reasons. First and foremost is that we actively encourage a sense of community among our members and visitors, making each new member welcome while showing the the utmost in respect and friendship to all who have contact with our clan.

Our clan is markedly different in other areas too, we promote social and technical aspirations among our members. Not only will you find our members on the battlefield, but you’ll find them on the sidelines helping to promote ladders and competitions, behind the scenes making sure that game servers are running efficiently and also, on the front lines providing our unique mix of technical expertise and experience to gamers in chats and on forums all over the world. Death Inc isn’t just a clan… its a lifestyle!

Who designed the Death Inc Website?

The Death Inc website has been through many incarnations over the years.  Kudos for the current website goes to Virgil83, with the assistance and support of the whole Clan.  Our graphic and artistic direction was implemented by a fellow gamer, DragonFly.

The Clan Vice-Captains are responsible for all of the higher management functions of our website, forums and other related services.  Clan and Game Captains, as well as our Technical Team are also responsible for all the hard work in helping to provide systems integration, content and features needed for our web presence.
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