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18/06/2021, 08:19 AM

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21/05/2021, 06:19 AM DonutKing - First post
28/08/2020, 08:39 AM Damit - its because we are all on discord now mrx
29/07/2020, 07:42 PM MrX - Its a bit dead round here
29/07/2020, 07:42 PM MrX - Anybody playing COD 
26/03/2020, 10:52 AM Epsoma - Hey Team. Locked down in self isolation. Hope you all are good.
30/10/2019, 07:06 PM Victor9-5 - JESUS HEYA BOYS!
09/09/2019, 10:06 AM BoHiCa - History.... Deadalus
06/09/2019, 07:49 PM Deadalus - Website is dead in the arsehole
04/06/2019, 08:43 PM BoHiCa - Still here
11/05/2019, 08:45 AM MrX - I'm over here

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About UsSocial GamingClan LeadershipRecruitment ProcedurePast Results

Recruitment Procedure

We welcome any players from Australia and New Zealand to submit an application for Membership with Death Inc.
NOTE: We generally do not accept applications from players in other countries as latency issues can make playing online with such players practically impossible.

As a new Death Inc Recruit, there are several requirements before you can jump in as a fully fledged Member of the Clan.
These requirements are quite straightforward:

1. Sign up to our Forums.  

2. Complete the New Trial Member Application Form. You must be logged into the forums in order to view the form.

3. Wait for your application to be accepted. You will be notified of this via a Private Message on the forums.

4. Wear your =]DI[t tags once you are notified of your trial starting. You must wear these tags in all applicable games during your trial.

5. Setup TeamSpeak 3.0. You must have a working microphone and have TeamSpeak 3.0 running in order to become a member. You can download Teamspeak from the previous link.

6. If you have met these requirements, after 2 weeks your trial will be complete and you will be a full member. You will be notified of passing your trial via a Private Message on the forums. You may now wear the full =]DI[= Member tags and may request a Forum Signature.

The purpose of this trial period is to ascertain your level of commitment to the Clan, and also prevent immature and unreliable players from becoming members.

During your Trial Period, your in-game performance and behaviour, your general interactions with other members, and your overall level of commitment to the clan will be monitored by the Clan Staff.

We expect that our new members will:
  • Treat other members and clan staff with respect
  • Participate in game with us, and be signed in to TeamSpeak whilst in game
  • Behave in a manner that does not reflect poorly on Death Inc to other players (such as abusing other players, or cheating/exploiting)
  • Actively participate in our online forums and community
  • Be reliable; will attend any games or events that they have signed up for
  • Follow captain/staff instructions, including wearing correct clan tags

The Trial Period is an unobtrusive process, and is transparent to the Trial Member. However, if you do not meet the above requirements, and you arent active on Teamspeak, you are unlikely to pass your trial. Death Inc is as much about the community as it is about the games; you are expected to participate in both in order to become a full member.

If you fail to meet your obligations during your trial period you may be asked to either undertake an extended trial, re-apply for a new trial or simply rejected. Extension or failure of your trial is rare unless justified by exceptional circumstances.

Cheating, hacking or other malicious actions are grounds for failure of your trial and even expulsion from the clan for full members.

If you have any queries about the above please feel free to contact one of the clan Captains or Staff via Private Message on these forums or TeamSpeak.

The New Member Requirements are explained in more detail in the New Recuit Information Topic.

Members are also invited to contribute to our FaceBook page and join our Steam group in order to connect with other members of the clan.

Sound good?  Well we hope you take the time to Trial with us, and wish you the very best of luck!
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