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18/06/2021, 08:02 AM

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21/05/2021, 06:19 AM DonutKing - First post
28/08/2020, 08:39 AM Damit - its because we are all on discord now mrx
29/07/2020, 07:42 PM MrX - Its a bit dead round here
29/07/2020, 07:42 PM MrX - Anybody playing COD 
26/03/2020, 10:52 AM Epsoma - Hey Team. Locked down in self isolation. Hope you all are good.
30/10/2019, 07:06 PM Victor9-5 - JESUS HEYA BOYS!
09/09/2019, 10:06 AM BoHiCa - History.... Deadalus
06/09/2019, 07:49 PM Deadalus - Website is dead in the arsehole
04/06/2019, 08:43 PM BoHiCa - Still here
11/05/2019, 08:45 AM MrX - I'm over here

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Clan Leadership

The Clan's Leadership positions are listed in the table below:

Clan Captains goat-Green

Psych0Kyller - Clan Captain
Damit - Clan Captain
Alucard - Clan Vice-Captain
BoHiCa - Clan Vice-Captain
Virgil83 - Clan Vice Captain

Clan Staff goat-Green

anglomanii - Recruiting Officer
jazzycat - Content Manager

Veteran Members goat-Green

bageled - Veteran Member (Former Clan Vice-Captain)
Chalice - Veteran Member (Former Clan Captain)
Dex - Veteran Member (Former Clan Vice-Captain)
DonutKing - Veteran Member (Former Recruiting Officer)
Jakes2142 - Veteran Member (Former Game Captain)
MrX - Veteran Member (Former Game Captain)
Mone - Veteran Member
reggie - Veteran Member
Sillen - Veteran Member
Smiddi - Veteran Member (Former Clan Captain)
Splints - Veteran Member (Former Battlefield 3 Game Captain)
Sponge - Veteran Member
Z00111111 - Veteran Member (Former Recruiting Officer)

Clan Captains are the highest level of Members within the Clan. The Clan Captains and Vice-Captains are responsible for the strategic direction of the Clan, as well as executive decisions and management of all levels of Members when needed.

Clan Staff are the supporting ranks of the Leadership. The Clan Treasurer (when needed), Content Manager and Recruiting Officer are also considered Clan Staff due to their positions within the Clan, and they are responsible for the financial mangement of the Clan, website content and for the processing and guidance of new Trial Members, respectively.

Veteran Members are Members of the Clan who have been associated with the Clan for an extended period and have earned the trust and respect of the members, or are people who have previously held Leadership positions but for one reason or another are no longer in that role.  Veteran Members act as representatives for the Clan Members as a whole in meetings and discussions and are appointed by the Clan Captains, rather than elected like the other Leaders.
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