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25/05/2019, 08:28 AM

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Author Topic: Windows 10 Upgrade - For & Against  (Read 798 times)

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« on: 20/05/2016, 06:18 AM »

So, Windows 10 free upgrade window is closing soon.

I have Win 10 on my daughters PC & personally think its fking UGLY, & the Explorer is a pain in the ass, but have no real opinions either way other than that.

Win 7 has given me good, reliable service, and I'm in no hurry to upgrade UNLESS there's a defined advantage (performance, multi-monitor, security etc.)

Can anyone give me real-world, gamers-perspective reasons 'for & against' upgrading from Windows 7 Pro 64?

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« Reply #1 on: 20/05/2016, 09:06 PM »

it is mainly security for me and that it is free.
the other thing is that more games will eventually drop support for the OS since MS is not going to support it any more. from what i have seen they are not going to run the same game as they did with xp and keep on supporting it. this is one of the reasons they have been doing the big push to win 10.

as far as i have experienced everything i have put on my PC with win 10 has worked. i like the new explorer (that is a bleed over from my day job)
the only thing is the personal tracking. there are apps out there to stop most of the extra stuff but if you go all in then you know what your signing up for.


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