2012 Death Inc Christmas Parody Song and Christmas Message

Each year, the Death Inc Clan releases our Christmas Parody Song, a parody of a popular Christmas song with a Death Inc/Gaming twist...

This year is no different.  So without further adeu, I give you the Death Inc Christmas Parody for 2012:

The Bored, Lonely Gamer (to the tune of "Away in a Manger")

Alone on a server;
can't teabag the dead.
A bored, lonely gamer;
he starts to see red.
His teammates have left him;
won't join him this day.
The bored, lonely gamer;
wants in on the fray!

Just any ol' day now;
his friends would appear.
Joining up on his server;
on Teamspeak with cheer.
But on days such as Christmas;
their families come first.
Our bored, lonely gamer;
will just come out worst.

Spare a thought for this gamer;
if you'd like to, then pray.
That someone will join to;
his server this day.
His one Christmas present;
was a game wrapped with care.
So he awaits friends or strangers;
to play with on there.

Alone on a server;
when late Christmas night.
His mates they all join him;
and take up the fight!
The gamer's now happy;
and the game's great to play.
So he'll rank-up and teabag;
through 'till Boxing Day!

To all of the members of the wider gaming community in Australia and abroad, all of us here at Death Inc wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year!  See you in-game in 2013!

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