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Title: Dear Chalice - Where have you been?
Post by: Chalice on 07/02/2018, 03:25 PM
Well Chalice..i'm glad you asked!

Late 2016 I experimented with creating my own magic mushrooms utilizing chloroform and new born baby blood.  Long story short, after sobering up in Peru mid march last year I began my long trek home.

This was unfortunately delayed due to an incident with a donkey herder (the donkey wanted it, but due to the language barrier I just couldn't get that across in sign language).

Anyhoo, I worked as a pirate for a while (no treasure), then as a professional wax figure (couldn't stand still long enough) and finally as a + size lingerie model (weren't edible undies).  

Finally hitting the shores of Australia once more I wandered the outback for a while Bunyip hunting and living in various aboriginal communities until being kicked out for bad language, using a digeridoo as a sex toy and a drinking habit.  All the while thinking of my beloved clan, and how much I miss you crazy bastards...Damits face, Bohica's big heart, Psycho's teabagging, stroking Anglo's beard, stroking Lentz penis, Noraa's virus's, Virgil's wit, Alucards farts, Jazzy's laughter, Zoo's vomit and yes...even Robb's "SUM BO DEE" impersonations.   Plus many many more of the sick bastards that make DeathInc to die for.

So i'm back mofo's...some fucker pm me how the FUCK to get on TS or whatever fandangle technology we're using nowadays can ya?

Love Chalice

p.s. Don't tell Noraa but Norton's missing after a crrraaazzzyyyy night on the piss involving midgets, lubricant,a totem pole and an encyclopedia (don't ask)

p.p.s.  You CAN dance if you want to, but you CANNOT leave your friends behind...even if they don't dance (or dance well...looks at ANGLO!).  On that, I have been hearing that FUCKING SONG once a week in my head for 2 god damn years now....THANKS GUYS! :P

Title: Re: Dear Chalice - Where have you been?
Post by: Damit on 07/02/2018, 04:28 PM
well wellcome back and its discord now and link on homepage or just go here -

Title: Re: Dear Chalice - Where have you been?
Post by: Number One on 07/02/2018, 09:13 PM